USSD Monitering Application

It is age of the customers. And customers today demand information and service at their fingertips in a very literal sense. Digital transformation can no longer be treated as add on services but as channels that are the foundation of business models that deliver customer experiences that inturn enhance retention and drive revenue.

The use of USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) technology to enable self-service on these smart devices to enhance the experience delivered to a customer was a game changer. It enabled organizations open their doors to the 24*7 service experience without increasing the cost of business exponentially. However, the use of technology builds the desired experience only when it is can be 100% accurate. This demands that businesses.

USSD monitoring application enables proactive monitoring of your mission critical applications. The application at predetermined and configured frequencies runs a test on the functioning of an application. It is designed with intelligence to identify precise source of breakdown and provide possible immediate actions that need to be taken in alert that is sent out to the stake holders involved in maintenance of the application.


Intuitive dashboard

Delivers real time data tracking supporting instantaneous alerts with detailed reporting on the cause of breakdown and immediate actions to be taken.

Customizable request  based configuration

Provides a business with the flexibility to dictate its own codes and protocols for a specific action.

Web based access set to roles

Enabled with role based access restricting controls but at the same time supporting immediate actions to be conducted by the individual.

Simulator search

Enables organizations to preempt possible results and scenarios.

Organizations can simulate the possible results to the use of a particular code and proactivity resolve any challenges that might arise. This feature enables scheduled periodic simulations to maintain the integrity of results.

How it works

USSD Monitoring Application Advantage